When it comes to fitness and nutrition once you're over 35, so many men and women get it dead wrong. They waste time unsuccessfully attempting to ‘diet’... or trying random exercise routines that never seem to change how their body looks. They're at the place where they're sick of fad diets that are impossible to stick to... of being told to give up sugar and carbs...of doing random workouts that never change the way they look.  

They want nothing more then to get into a body that oozes confidence, commands attention and gives them endless energy... but they've never been able to find an approach that is realistic for them. They would love to have an amazing body - but they want to be able to get it in a way that they can actually STICK with... that's REALISTIC for their busy lifestyle... that doesn't require them to give up the foods they love or spend hours doing workouts that make them feel like they're going to die (yet they never see results from)... and is a PERMA-nent solution... so they never have to deal with this ever again!

The mainstream approaches that most busy men and women attempt once they're over 35 never seem to work. The fad diet of the year (Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, etc..). Trying to just 'eat healthy'. The latest and greatest workout class, fitness app or 28-day 'challenge' from some 25 year old Instagram 'Influencer'.  

When you're in your 20's, your body is different. However, once you're over 35 years old, the ONLY thing that matters is the right approach... the right strategy - one that actually gets the results you're looking for... that is simple and process-driven.... that is easy-to-follow... that doesn't take a ton of time... that eliminates ALL reasons why it wouldn't work... and that you can actually stick with for the rest of your life... so that you can live the rest of your life the way you truly want to live it!  



PermaFit is a personal optimization program that uses a science-based, process-driven approach to help busy men and women over the age of 35 actually get - and STAY - in the most amazing body of their life - without having to diet or give up any of the foods they love... and without having to spend hours in the gym or do high-intensity workouts that bang them up and make them want to puke. 

Even if they feel like they've "tried it all" and that nothing will ever work for them. 

The PermaFit movement stems from the philosophy that the fitness and weight loss industry is borderline predatory... getting rich off BS band-aid solutions that set people up to fail... and that getting and staying in amazing shape is actually quite easy. PermaFit firmly believes that anyone over the age of 35 can - and should - be in a body they absolutely love being in... so that they can live their lives full of confidence, energy and vibrancy as the very best version of themselves. 

In fact, the ONLY reason busy men and women over the age of 35 struggle in their body all stems from their false 'beliefs' about fitness, nutrition and themselves:

  • Their false 'beliefs' about fitness, nutrition & what they 'need' to do at their age: I need to diet... I need to do high-intensity-style workouts... I can pick any random workout program and it'll work for me... I need to do lots of cardio... The more time I spend working out, the better... I need to eat 'healthy'... I need to give up carbs and sugar because they're the devil... I can't eat at night... I need to lift light weights for high reps to 'get toned'... I need to bench, deadlift and do back squats to build muscle... So-and-so (genetic freak, performance-enhancing drug user or 24 year old 'Influencer') does XYZ and he/she is in phenomenal shape, so that's what I should to do too...
  • Or their false 'beliefs' about themselves and what's possible: It's too hard... I'll never be able to lose this excess fat and get into an amazing body... I can never stick with anything... I'm too busy... I don't know what to do... I just can't get motivated... The older I get, the harder it is to keep the weight off... I could never look like that... I like food too much... I eat when I'm stressed... I'd have to sacrifice too much to get into great shape...  

Here's the good news - NONE of these are true. And once the PermaFit method is implemented... ANY busy man or woman over the age of 35 can be in a body they never thought was possible... and be able to keep it PERMA-nenlty... with far less effort then they once thought necessary.

Those 'in the know' definitely agree. Even physicians are raving fans of PermaFit... saying it's different than ANYTHING else that exists in the fitness and weight loss space... and that they'd recommend it to ANYONE. 


If you're over the age of 35 and want to get into phenomenal shape - and stay that way - so that you can live the rest of your life with total confidence and endless energy... you need the right approach - or else you're setting yourself up for failure.

You need to put science to work for you.

PermaFit uses a scientifically-proven, process-driven approach - compiled from the worlds' top experts on fitness, nutrition and mindset... simplified and packaged together all under one roof - to getting into the most amazing shape of your life - and being able to stay there PERMA-nently. Our methodology is based on 4 core pillars that allow the busy 35 and over men and women that use it to achieve long-term PERMA-nent results like they've never dreamed possible.


If you're over the age of 35, no amount of cardio, bootcamp classes, yoga... or random weightlifting routines will get you the body you desire. Exercising for the sake of 'burning calories'... or 'feeling exhausted afterwards'... is not going to transform the way your body looks and performs. In actuality, it could end up doing you more harm than good. Training is different. Training is about following a step-by-step protocol to achieve a desired outcome. It has to be specific for your age and have one singular focus - changing how your body LOOKS, FEELS & PERFORMS. 

At PermaFit, we incorporate a physical training protocol adopted from the top strength and conditioning coaches in the entire country! THOUSANDS of bodies (including many household-name entertainers and professional athletes) have been transformed from this exact style of training. We’ve simply tweak it to make it safer and far more joint-friendly for busy men and women over the age of 35 who want amazing results... but can't afford to put excess stress or wear and tear on their body.

In order to get real results from training, it has to follow 'The Goldilocks Principal'... not too little, not too much – just right. 3-4 specific training sessions per week... 30-35 minutes each... can be done at a gym or at home. No cardio is necessary. No feeling like you're going to die. That is ALL you need to do to completely transform your body! Anything more than that tends to be overkill... and can actually CAUSE your body to store excess body fat!

We live in an era in which we often believe that 'more is more'... but when it comes to your body, once you're over 35, LESS of the 'right' work to your body is what actually produces amazing life-changing results. So, the formula for success is... 

The 'Right' Physical Training Protocol For A Busy 35+ Year Old + The 'Right' Quantity of Work & Intensity + The 'Right' Exercises In The 'Right' Order + Doing Them The 'Right' Way = MASSIVE RESULTS!

If you follow this, you WILL build muscle… and that muscle will burn fat for you 24/7. And it will completely change how your body looks, feels and performs.  

This is SCIENCE – not OPINION… 


You're welcome! But in all seriousness, dieting doesn't work. Diets are temporary, short-term fixes that are based on some level of restriction or deprivation. In fact, 95% of busy men and women over the age of 35 that attempt to 'diet' end up gaining back MORE weight than they initially lost. And every time you fail at a diet and gain the weight back, you strengthen your body’s self-defense mechanisms which make it HARDER to lose weight again in the future... EASIER to gain weight back… and it’ll cause your body to store even more fat in case you try to ‘diet’ again! 

That's why with all these fad diets (Keto, Whole30, etc...) you see the "Before and After" pictures where they lost 30 pounds... but they never show you the "After-The-After" pictures where they eventually gained 40 back! Ultimately, diets do your body more harm than good if you can’t stick with them forever - which as you've probably experienced is next to impossible to do! There is no ‘magic’ diet, meal plan or weight loss supplement! They ALL suck and they ALL will cause you to eventually fail... because they are all based on some level of restriction or deprivation... which your body (and your mind) absolutely hates! Trying to 'diet' to get into amazing shape is the equivalent of putting a band aid on a gunshot wound.  

At PermaFit, we teach you HOW food really works... and help you create an easy-to-follow framework that still allows you to still eat the foods you want to eat. And when you’re allowed to do that, it becomes something you can actually STICK with long-term. We show you how to incorporate strategies into your daily life that allow you to eat more of the foods you love… and have those foods you love actually HELP you on your weight loss and body transformation journey... so that you can eat them without the guilt and shame.

When you follow this, you never put your body into ‘deprivation’ mode. Your body (and mind) won’t fight you when you’re allowing it to still eat foods it wants to eat. You use SCIENCE so that there's no longer 'good' or 'bad' foods... and when you learn HOW to do this, it’s something you can do FOREVER. You can’t UN-learn it. That's the key. Following a meal plan or a diet will never work because they're based on restriction... and there's no real learning involved. We teach you in a very simplistic, step-by-step way how this actually works so it's something you can do for the rest of your life. Therefore, you eliminate having to diet EVER again... because you now know how food really works and how ridiculous diets really are. And once you do this for a short period of time, it becomes intuitive... and you no longer even need to think about it! 

Again, this is SCIENCE - not OPINION...  


If you're following Pillars #1 and #2, you'll soon see that the only thing that can hold you back is your thoughts and beliefs. 5% of what you do, think and feel is based on your conscious mind. Things you're consciously aware of - like the fact that you're reading this right now. The other 95% is unconscious and comes from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a stored program based on your past thoughts, beliefs and experiences. It plays that stored program over and over. And as weird as this sounds, it wants you to stay stuck where you are. And that's because where you are is familiar… and familiar is what it likes. That’s all it knows! 

It will use fear-based defense mechanisms like 'this won't work for me', 'I'm too busy', etc... These are all automatic, unconscious beliefs (not FACTS) that are stored in your subconscious mind and are solely based on the beliefs created from your past experiences. And if left untreated, they will ensure you NEVER change.

At PermaFit, we help you become aware of your unconscious, automatic patterns and false, limiting beliefs that have held you back... and will continue to hold you back if left to their own devices. Once we shine a flashlight on them, we then replace them with NEW ones that serve who you WANT to become.

In addition, we know firsthand that when you live a busy life, you can experience higher-then-average stress. And stress makes it MUCH harder to lose fat and build muscle. One of the reasons our approach is SO different is that we do the precise amount of training and utilize stress reduction strategies to significantly decrease cortisol levels... which speeds up recovery time from your workouts... and speeds up the muscle building and fat loss process by almost DOUBLE!

Again, this is SCIENCE - not opinion!


We live in an era of information overload. It's easy to get sucked into 'paralysis by analysis'... and that's exactly where nothing occurs! Without a step-by-step blueprint to follow (coupled with the right blend of accountability, support, community and coaching), you’re left guessing... trying to piecemeal things together. You constantly dip your toe in the water… trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that... never seeing any real results. At PermaFit, we teach you EXACTLY how all of this works is a very simplistic, systematic step-by-step way and provide the accountability, personalized support and coaching that is unlike ANYTHING else in the industry... to ensure that you not only understand this... but that you actually follow-through with it... and continue to follow-through with it. And if you get stuck, we get you unstuck. This is about learning while doing. Without the right style of learning, you will always stay stuck.

But the cool part is once you let us teach you this, you will never have to pay someone EVER again. Thinking you need some celebrity trainer to work out with you every day... or that you need some miraculous fat-burning supplement will be long gone. You learn how to do this once... and you'll never have to pay anyone or deal with this EVER again. Again, this is SCIENCE - not opinion... 

There is NOTHING else like this!